Friday, October 30, 2009

The Pro's Of Sickness

The best part about being sick is missing an entire week of school. The worst part about getting sick is missing an entire week of school.

I remember the days when I would have been ecstatic to miss a day of school. Actually, I frequently went out of my way to give myself random holidays (meaning I came up with idiotic reasons on why I deserved not to go).

Now I’m freaking out because I have a midterm next week, have a bunch of assignments that I should be working on and after tomorrow will have missed twelve hours of lectures. That is daunting stuff my friends.

But thanks to the doctors I am now on the mend (though I could really do without this face mask (I’m all for protecting my family but who’s protecting my dignity?)) and will probably be fine to take that Psychology midterm. I’m pretty sure my assignments will be fine too. I have faith in my abilities.

Being sick brings things into perspective, things like what your friends think about you....and your stuff. “Can you ask your mom if when you die I can come over to your house and pick something to remember you by?”

At least people want to remember me. The fact that they can’t (without their grubby fingers grabbing at my leftovers before I’m cold in the ground...before death is even, really, in the cards) is kind of off-putting though. I always liked to see myself as one of those memorable characters. You know the kind that in books or movies, where even if they’ve only got one line, you never forget them. They've just got that extra something.


Well, you can’t have everything, right?

The blow was softened by the great idea to simply fill my room with dirt so I can be buried with all my stuff. It just cracked me up. Unfortunately that led to some serious coughing.... probably also brought me one step closer to that whole dying thing (temporarily of course). It also led to my mom wondering how, if my room was filled with dirt, the dog would get to the back door so he could go to the bathroom.

On a less sickly note, I got a bit of writing done. Not as much as I would have liked but a tad, which is much better than the last couple of months. I’ve been really pathetic with the whole writing thing (on my book) but, apparently the endings changed slightly and things have been moved around (all in my head of course).

And so, in the spirit of getting the ball rolling again, what better time to sink my teeth back in then when I’m sick. Considering the entire premise came to me when I had pneumonia last year...

Maybe being sick isn’t so bad....

You know, if you ignore all the gritty details, the uncomfortable nature and just generally feeling terrible and well, just allow yourself to not worry about things temporarily out of your control (like school). With all this time on my hands... it lets my characters get really loud in my head, you know... since they're trying to compete with the headache and all...

Word Of The Day: Afflatus - inspiration; an impelling mental force acting from within


  1. Hey sorry I fell asleep last night. Aww you poor thing people wanting you to die and all. Not mentioning any names cough! Haha. Sometimes I wish I was sick like today especially today. I have to do two tap classes cause I missed last week. Ugh! And we have a stupid buisness class. Anyways, positive attitude right. Let me know the results today. I hope you feel better. Keep writing! Do it for Carter and me... Us! Haha I'm such a loser. Anyways love you.

  2. Thanks *cough* ramona *cough*! hahaha I can't believe how crazy I am. rereading what I said to you I have decided I'm probably 1. Psychotic 2. Eccentric 3. Crazy 4. All of the above. AND I'm definitely book character worthy so you can't use your excuses on me. But I'm not gonna ask so there isn't a need in the first place!!!!!!!! HONESTLY GET BETTER!


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