Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I've Returned (To The 21st Century)!

Ten Things I hate about no internet for two weeks:

1.   Doing nothing while Mom builds my new desk.

2.   Bonding with Mom by painting a bookcase.

3.   Reorganizing 200+ books by genre then height seems like a good idea.

4.   Cleaning my room down to the very last piece of paper, thus removing all chaos from my living space.

5.   Making a significant dent in my To Be Read pile.

6.   Writing 15,023 words for my manuscript (and then being really lame and counting them...through Microsoft Word)

7.   Weeding for Grandparents so I can spend the earned money at Harry Potter World.

8.   Going downtown to watch the fireworks.

9.   Spending quality time with friends and family alike.

10  Watching my cat catch, kill then play with five baby rats is the highlight of my day. (And yes, Sister made sure I knew just how deranged I am for being entertained. So no need to tell me again.)

Okay, I’ll be honest, the only thing I hated about not having internet for two well, not having the internet for two weeks. Sounds weird, I guess but aside from bemoaning the lack of internet I got a lot accomplished. I missed writing and reading blogs and hope everything is going well for the rest of you – sorry for the unexplained was rather sudden on my end.

My two weeks of forced vacation were more eventful then I would’ve liked but this is just a quick post to let everyone know I’m back.

Grandpa, awesome as he is, got us a new wireless router and my connection is faster than a snitch! (If you don’t know what a snitch is...I feel sorry for you. Period.)

How have you been? What’s the best/worst thing that happened to you in the last two weeks?

Word Of The Day: Behemoth - Any creature or thing of monstrous size or power (and yeah, the Internet is so my Behemoth)


  1. I was wondering where you'd disappeared to! Glad to have you back!

    Ps. Totes starting "quicker than a snitch" as a legit saying, I'll see if it catches on and get back to you ;)

  2. Welcome back! At least you were productive on your time away from us!

  3. Welcome back! At least you were productive on your time away from us!

  4. Welcome back!
    It's great you got to tackle your TBR list. I wish I had some imposed time to do that too!

  5. Welcome back! I was wondering where you got to! It sounds like it was a very productive two weeks though :)

  6. Glad you're back! That's wonderful you had an enjoyable two weeks. I'm not sure how I'd feel without the internet. I didn't have it for 3 days last week and it drove me nuts, lol! I'm one of those people who couldn't care less if I didn't have a cell phone or television, but I really rely on the internet!

    Good for you for unplugging! I might have to do that in the near future... who knows what I'll discover? :)


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