Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Cool Kids In High School

You know you hung out with the cool kids in high school when:
“The potion Jekyll discovered which turned him into Hyde was alcohol. I’m sure of it.” I pause, remembering last night at the club, “Do you remember Anthony? He’s such a sweet, nice guy when he’s sober but when he’s drunk...”
“Yeah, I told him once that when he was sober he’s a nice guy but the minute he has a drink he’s a jerk and I didn’t want him in my house.”
I think on that for a moment, “You mean Andrew don’t you?”
My mom frowns slightly, before recognition touches her face, disgust tainted her voice. “Oh yeah. Oh, is Anthony the kid who went after Sister that one time?” (Keep in mind, the time she was referring to Sister was fourteen when we were sixteen)
“Umm, no. That wasn’t Anthony.” It was Riley.
“OH! Anthony’s the one who threw up all over my kitchen table.”
“No, that was Nick.”
“Was he the guy who threw a glass of water at the puke to clean it up, splashing it all over the kitchen?”
“That wasn’t even my friend, just a random guy crashing the party.” We’re both grimacing, remembering our kitchen covered, from the top of the cabinets to the floor, with purple, chunky vomit. (Nick thought it would be a good idea to take shots, have half a bottle of cough syrup and take a Tylenol 3. Apparently he read somewhere online that it gave you an amazing high. I guess the internet forgot to warn him about the side effects: becoming violently ill.)
“He was stupid, how can you ever think that’s a good idea.” Neither did I, splashing water on vomit just spreads it around. Alcohol totally destroys common sense.
“I know. But Anthony is dark-haired, short...” My mom’s stare is blank, “Well, you’d know him if you saw him.”
The problem with trying to remind my mom of who one of the minor members of the group of guys I hung out with is she confuses them very easily. Having her go through some of the minor members just reminded me of how many stupid things each of my friends did. How pathetic we all were.
I’m so glad I’m done with High school. I hung out with some real stars...
PS. My computer got a virus this week, so I'm behind on the posting. I'm posting two blogs today, because I refuse to not keep my promise of three blogs a week. (Without prior warning at least.)

And just for BloggerAnonymous, here's the reincarnated:

Word Of The Day: Murdrum - In old English law, the act of killing in secret.


  1. hahaha! I think I almost commited murdrum out of jelousy today - was that a proper use in a sentence?

    p.s. Glad you got new friends, and your mom makes your life more hilarious than it already is, thank her on my part!

  2. hahah. I love how you describe your conversations. it makes me that much more interested. I love Anthony!


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