Friday, May 21, 2010

Ministry Decree Number 001

So, what I didn't include in the last blog - and if you haven't read that one (which I understand cause I'm posting one after the other.) please do so first, here.

Have you read it?

No really, you have to read that first.

I'm trusting you....

So, what I didn't include in the last blog is the fact that I am combining my trip with Ramona's graduation trip.

For seven nights we're going to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure(home of Hogsmeade and Hogwarts!), Sea World, and Aquatica (Sea World's Waterpark). The first morning, when we're miserable and jetlagged, we're having breakfast at the Three Broomsticks (That feels amazing to say, amazing) and we'll sip on Butterbeer until it fades. It'll be an amazing beginning to our (extended) Week Of Awesome.

The seventh morning, we're switching hotels and going to stay closer to DisneyWorld for Ramona's graduation vacation. She, unlike me, has our days planned (with custom order maps coming in the mail) down to ride locations.

It's ten days of Florida sun and rides and things we both love. I can't imagine anything greater....well if Hogwarts was FOR REAL, that would be greater but Mugggles can't be choosers.... To countdown to our Week Of Awesome we plan to combine our artistic talents and add new features to both our blog's. For the next three months (starting next week) we're going to have comic/short stories coming out every friday. There will be 13 episodes.

Today, you just get the title page. Next friday you get episode 1, so on and so forth.

A Whale Eats Mickey Mouse And A Bloody Nougat:
the premeditated adventures of Melissa & Ramona.

If you couldn't tell, I'm the evil looking one with the snake who bears a striking resemblance to Voldemort. Ramona is decked out in everything Disney (and is so lame she gave herself a wand....when really, I should be the only magical one.)

And yes, my unmitigated genius came up with the title for our comic.

Word Of The Day (Part II): Transport - to carry away by strong emotion; enrapture.


  1. oh you think you are brilliant do you? for coming up with the name. Well I will have you know that I had plenty of great names up my sleeve, like uhh... umm... comics, the great friday thing. BAM!! hahha I do realize that is the worst name ever. I am very excited to start this comic thing. we gotta think up funny ones. The last one is brilliant, of course I came up with it. oh wait, you added to it!!! curses upon your grave!

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