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Harry Potter Christmas Blogfest

Today is Michael's Harry Potter Blogfest! We had to write a scene during the holiday season featuring any of the Harry Potter characters we wanted. I picked James and Lily and is exactly 500 words.


James Potter tucks his golden snitch into his pocket and grabs a present with flying broomstick wrapping paper from the table. Lily Evans just walked through the portrait hole. “Oy Evans!”

Lily twirls her willow wand, “No need to shout Potter. I’m not deaf.”

“I know. I’m just making sure you can’t use your ‘I didn’t hear you’ excuse today.” James runs a hand through his hair and thrusts the package towards Lily, “I got you something. For Christmas.”

Lily’s green eyes narrow and she pokes her wand at the sloppy bow atop the present. It flops in a rather pathetic matter. “Is it going to explode?”

“I’d never-” James sees the girls face twist in rage and back pedals, “Oh come off it Evans, that was once in first year!”

She glares and her foot taps to the beat of a condemning metronome.

“Okay fine, maybe it was thirteen times but I’ve evolved since then.”

“Have you?” Lily taps her wand against her shoulder. “Will it turn my hair green and silver?”

“It won’t even add gold highlights. I like your hair far too much.”

Lily looks a tad worried, “Is it chocolates filled with love potion then?”

Sirius Black snorts from the red armchair closest to the fire, “He didn’t think of that one, no.”

She must decide James hasn’t the potions skills for she moves on, “Will I get a nose bleed?”

“I’d never harm you.”

“Will I contract Dragon Pox and end up in St. Mungo’s so you can sit at my bedside and act like some knight in Quidditch clad armour?”

James rolls his shoulders and pushes the present under her nose, “I just said it’s not going to hurt you.”

“It won’t dismember, mar, or taint me in anyway? I won’t be angry?”

“I swear on my overly inflated head and Quidditch Captainship.” James holds his hand to his heart.

Lily waits for him to burst into laughter and say it’s all a joke. When he doesn’t, she says “Okay then-”

He grins, “Merry Christmas Evans.”

“Can I finish? I was going to say, if it’s perfectly harmless you won’t mind keeping it.” And with that, Lily Evans turns on her heel and stomps up the girl’s staircase.

Sirius laughs, “Better luck next time mate.”

James chucks the present at his head. “She likes me.”

“Yes and next year you’ll be Head Boy and Girl, she’ll realize she was terribly wrong about you, you’ll fall madly in love, get married and have a kid. People will never forget the beautiful love story of Lily and James Potter.”

James pulls the snitch from his pocket and its wings graze the tips of his fingers. “Our son will be a Quidditch star! There’ll be photos of him all over the Daily Prophet and he’ll be mentioned in books! He’ll be famous. You just wait and see Padfoot. Everybody in the Wizarding world will know his name.”

Sirius palms his face and sighs melodramatically, “I was kidding.”

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  1. What a great idea! And I love that you included Sirius. ;) Nice job.

  2. This is so great, Melissa! My favorite it the love potion part. Too cute!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Hi Melissa,

    Wonderful chemistry between the characters. You showed us the younger James and Lily before the tragic accident. I like the tension between them and I also loved that she didn't accept his gift.

    Jame's last speech to Sirius was wonderful.

    Thanks for participating in my blogfest!


  4. Loved this story. So much fun to read something that happened to James and Lilly. Adding Sirius was the crowning point.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  5. I've always wanted to see more of young James and Lily. And here you gave us just that as a fun, zestful Christmas gift. Thanks, Roland -- Loved that Sirius was there, too.

  6. Oh, this was fabulous! You've nailed the characters and nuances of these relationships--do you write other fan fiction? I wrote a 300,000 word James story, is why I ask--his life from 2nd year to the end, so I've thought a great deal about this particular pairing and I think you've hit it EXACTLY, which makes me think you ALSO have thought a great deal about the pairing. LOVE Sirius and his unintentional 'seeing' *snort*

  7. Wonderful! I love the last bit of exchange between James and Sirius -- Great job! :D

  8. Very cleverly written. I enjoyed this little idea of James and lily! well played!

  9. Oh very clever Melissa, great dynamics and you caught their characters perfectly.

    Great entry!


  10. Mine was 500 words exactly too!

    Very cool to see James and Lily before it all went down.

    So what was in the package???

  11. Oh, I can see in irony in that one--Harry does become rather famous!

  12. This one is great! I think it's my favorite so far! I love thinking about the Mauraders-era characters. Great job!

  13. I absolutely love this one! The irony is really poignant, it makes me laugh but feel sort of sad at the same time! Especially since we know as the reader why everyone knows Harry's name.
    Amazing story, which is really well written. :)
    Em x

  14. That was awesome. As much as I smiled throughout, it was bittersweet. The idea that neither of them knew what would come next.
    Great post.

  15. I love it! Soooo cute! Brilliant as always!

  16. Back with the link--don't feel obliged--the first post has links to pretty much ALL my stuff, but if you go halfway in, it starts (yes, I am Gnargles&Snorkaks (and Tami)--my other life:

  17. LOL! That was fabulous. I especially liked Sirius-- that's the kind of friend I want to be. :) Absolutely brilliant.

  18. Cute story, Melissa. I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks. =o)

  19. Aw, so cute! And I love Sirius' snarkiness :)

  20. Oh wow, Melissa- I loved that! It really captures what I thought Lily and James were like. Of course we can't forget Snape either!

  21. Great touch with all the "far fetched" predictions at the end. I love that this snippet began and ended w/ Evans still giving Potter the brush-off---and she did it w/ stlye. ;)

  22. Definitely one of may favorites so far. Brilliant depiction of early James and Lily, with Snape looking on. Captured it perfectly!


  23. I always enjoy a good read. And this is definitely one of them.

    Melissa, I have an Award for you - check out my latest post

  24. I adore your introduction! I laughed so hard, very clever and I so want to steal the idea.

    We always play a game on Christmas day. This is difficult because everyone in the family is extremely, and when I say extremely, it's being polite -- competitive. This is why we limit game playing to one day a year.

    Last year we had a Wii dance challenge. Taping my husband and son having a dance off to "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," was priceless. I laughed so hard, I cried.

    Bitsy Bling Books


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