Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What kind of eggs are you?

My brain feels like several different types of eggs: runny, scrambled and fried. (Midterm week is trying to kill me.)

It's really hard, when you put in so much effort and it doesn't seem to be getting you anywhere. No matter what you do, how hard you try, how little you sleep - it's never enough. It's hellish.

I know I'm not the only student out there dealing with too much homework, but sometimes, it really feels like it. Sometimes, when you're struggling you can't help but feel alone.

All I really have to say today is this: 

No matter what you are struggling with right now (issues at home/work/school, writing, editing, or querying), no matter  how hard it is, how stressful, and no matter how much you feel like you aren't enough, you are going to get through this. It isn't the end it feels like.

You are enough. You always were and always will be. As long as you believe that's true (cause it is), you can do anything. 

And, if today is one of the days when you can't muster up that belief, know this: I still believe in you.

What kind of eggs are you right now(Scrambled, fried, runny, overeasy, hard-boiled, steamed or sunny side up)? 


  1. Hang in there, Melissa. You'll get through it.

    I remember when I was in school.... It was insane because I was also working. I went to art college, so I had all the academics plus the artistic work add that to 5am photo shoots with INSANE photographers.

    I love what you said at the end.... We are enough. YOU ARE AWESOME.... remember that when times get nuts.


  2. Great post, Melissa, and so true. Let's see...I'd say I'm a bit scrambled (but I always have been), slightly runny.

  3. I'm feeling scrambled these days. Good thing scrambled is my favorite kind of egg, haha.

    Good luck with everything, Melissa!

  4. Aw, thank you so much, Melissa! I'm feeling like runny eggs today--my mind is just all over the place.

  5. We're so in the same page right now.
    I am definitely scrambled eggs lately.

  6. I'm feeling scrambled right now. Your blog made me a bit weepy. Had a rough night last night and this is what I needed to get back on the horse today.


  7. Scrambled for sure, but hopefully one day I can say hard boiled. Good luck with school and everything.

  8. Hugs. Good luck with your busy-ness, and thanks for the encouragement. You can make it through!

  9. Great post, Melissa! Very encouraging:). After reading this, I feel sunny side up!

    You have an award waiting at my blog;).

  10. You are awesome too and everything will be amazing for you! Never forget it.

    I love positive posts like these. :)

  11. Oh Melissa, I wish I could wave my magic wand and make midterms be gone with all A's for you! Myself, I feel like a hard-boiled egg that is slowly cracking. :-)

  12. Melissa,
    The fact that you got on blogger today and posted this just screams how awesome you are. You are super stressed and still had time to think about all of us! You will make it through :)

    You know me...right now my brain is nothing but a slimy scrambled egg mess. But hopefully it will all be sorted soon!

  13. Thanks, Mel! Great post, and encouragement right back to you!!! My eggs are a little scrambled right now, but as you said, we'll get through it. And we'll be stronger as a result~ :o) <3

  14. AWW MELISSA! Dont feel alone!! I love you!! That is an insane amount of homework! But just get through the week and then you can have a little break right? We can make butter beer! I bought some butterripple.. yummm!

  15. You're not alone! My brain is definitely scrambled and runny right now, too. I know how you feel, working really hard at something and feeling like it's not going anywhere. I've been feeling that this week, too. And you're right, it's not the end; things will look up!

  16. I'm probably a little runny right now. Totally just pooped out.

    You are totally right though. You are going to get through this. School and the days of cramming aren't that far behind me, so I totally feel you. It sucks now, but you will get through it! POWER THROUGH! :)

  17. Thanks for the encouragement, Melissa--here's a little back to you (can you feel positive cyber vibes coming your way??) Good luck getting through all the pressures, but my guess is you will do better than you think you will!

    As for me? Feeling a bit scrambled, too, but I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel :-)

  18. I'm so sorry to hear you're having such a rough time, but you're very right... you'll get through this.. just hang in there :)

    Thanks so much for your encouraging words... I'm definitely feeling both scrambled and runny right now too.

  19. Hang in there. I'm definitely scrambled right now so your words are like a refreshing drink. This to shall pass.

  20. Oh geeze, I'm pretty scrambled now. Plus I have a whole variety of eggs piled high on one plate and they may topple over any minute only to have my dog eat them in one big gulp. I remember college studying and all. It sucks, but it gets you where you need to go. ANd then you move on to other stressors to take over- a husband, house, kids (god thats most of it), a job, trying to write but not finding the time. I don't even know how you keep up with blogs! I can barely do it and I'm so overwhelmed! Keep up the good work, it pays out in the end, I'm sure of it!

  21. NO EGGGS! (except for batter or dough) Sorry... one of the foods I really avoid because they smell like farts. *cough*

    Good luck with your midterms! And hang in there! You're right, though, that we will all get through to another day!

  22. Awe! Hang in there Melissa!! A break is right around the corner, no? Just hold on to that little light ;) You can do it!!

  23. what a BEAUTIFUL post! Thanks so much for sharing ~ it's very timely for me too...

    I think I am scrambled. Hmm, or, maybe splattered on the floor and missed the bowl altogether... LOL

    However I'm headed for the sunny side up. So hoping the rest of the year is MUCH better than the beginning.

    Thinking of you! Have a BRILLIANT weekend :)

    xo Nomes

  24. I kinda feel like the broken egg in the carton that sits on the shelf unpurchased.

    It's a mood thing, I think. I'm frustrated that I'm not getting what I want right now, and really, any sort of cooking would be nice!

    - Eric


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