Wednesday, June 23, 2010

If Writing Doesn't Work Out...

Last Wednesday I mentioned my back up plan. Well it’s really one of two back up plans. (These plans are after I decided I couldn’t be an actress or work in the hospitality industry in hotel management.)

Original back up plan (also known as the plan I’m going to school for): work in the publishing industry. I have no idea what I want to do in this industry exactly. But if I can’t be a writer I still want to be around books all the time. This is also the plan I tell to people when they ask what I want to do with my life.

I don’t tell them I’d rather be a Music Supervisor – and especially don’t tell them I really want to be a writer.

Before I go any further in my explanations, a Music Supervisor is the person who selects (and licenses) music for TV, film, video games, etc. There’s no real schooling for this occupation but you do need to know about licensing and copyright law. Basically a Music Supervisor bridges the gap between the movie and the music world.

You need to be persuasive, a good negotiator and, most importantly, you need to be creative. And have a passion for music.

Music in new media emphasizes the storyline, cultural location and time period. Music provides atmosphere, amps up the tension and brings the emotions to new heights. The “background” music you hear is sending you subliminal messages, giving you more information and, in the end, manipulating you to feel what you’re supposed to.

Take the soundtrack from your favourite movies and shows and they lose a tremendous amount of impact. Your favourite scenes don’t mean half as much.

I could drone on and on about why I love music so much, how much it means to me or how good music evokes images and emotions in my head. You already know that every significant moment and person in my life is marked with songs – I believe this says more than any droning could.

Like Publishing it’s all about networking. Both of my back up plans require me to intern to even get a toe in their respective industries.

Sometimes I wonder why I can’t want a normal job. Or even a job that’s less difficult to break into. It seems that my reckless nature refuses to accept any sort of future that doesn’t involve a great deal of risk. Risk and creativity.

My dream future is this: a published writer and a Music Supervisor. That’s right. In reality, I want both.
Books and Music both mean so much to me and if I have my way, someday, I’ll be actively participating in both industries.

If writing doesn’t work out for you, do you have another dream occupation?

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  1. I hear ya. I always told myself I wouldn't get married and settle down until I'd travelled the world and sung on Broadway:)

  2. Well, I never thought of writing as my profession...but I get what you say about back-up plans. I should start thinking about it...!!

    Good luck with your dream future!

  3. I wonder all the time why the stuff I'm good at isn't anything close to a normal job. I'm doing my other passion right now: music. But I'm getting burnt out teaching 40 flute lessons a week and playing at weddings on the weekend. I'd like a quieter job as a writer to supplement it.

  4. It's always great to have a backup plan and I'm glad you have one.

    You could be an agent (can mine be your first query? lol), an editor, a bookseller, bookbuyer etc.

    And this music thing...the people want a playlist ASAP, school us on some of this good music.

  5. It's good to have those backup plans and yours are really good although they will take that wiggle the foot in the door type of opportunity they are still very obtainable. I have a few backup plans, and like you they involve networking like a mad person. Sigh, I make life difficult really. And I love how you spell favorite differently :P
    Email when you can I know you have a lot going on :)

  6. I love your back-up plans. I think its important to do what you love, otherwise you dread getting up and going to work each day and that's no way to live!

    Teaching second grade I guess is my backup job, but of course writing is my first choice!

  7. It's so great that you are setting your goals. I wish I had thought of writing at your age! Instead I live with my back-up plan, and hope to write on the side.
    Good luck on your exam, btw!

  8. Well I have a normal job right now but it isn't my dream job. I'm starting school soon as you know and I'm going to become an English teacher, or at least a teacher with an english degree. We could spin it a thousand ways but the bottom line is that I will always write, even if it doesn't become my profession in the published and sitting in B&N way there will still be writing in my life!

  9. That's RIGHT you can have both! You go, girl!

  10. I don't know! I honestly don't know anymore. I live, breath, eat and sleep writing these days. It's almost all I think about. Like... I want it so badly! I just don't know if it will happen, so a backup plan would be wise.

    I used to think I wanted to be a lawyer, but I'm way too shy for that. I guess it would have to just be what I'm doing now. I absolutely hate it, but I'm good at it :( It would be great to break into the publishing industry though.

    Follow your dream! I definitely think you can have both - you just have to want it, believe in yourself and you'll get there :)

  11. man, if I couldn't write I don't know what Id do. Most likely kill myself..hahahha! No I think I would become an animator hah. Im so funny. Thanks for your awesome comment I laughed hard. Yes I was really happy. I love those people but not the program hah. Yeah Im pretty sure you could easily become a music supervisor. You always have a billion new songs, that are amazing. Also you are good at knowing when a song works with a moment or not. Also you are good at manipulating hahha!

  12. Basically, I will write until I die. Whether I sale a novel, one hundred novels, or not a single one. I'll still write.

    As for doing something else, I've always been torn between two much easier to obtain careers. Cosmetologist or Registered Nurse. Two years ago I went and got my CNA certification, but it only took two days to realize that wasn't enough for me.

    I say go for both! Most people want to only be a writer, not a writer and...

    You have two dreams to follow. That's awesome. :)

  13. Melissa, you're young! Go for the interning!!! I can't do that stuff now 'cause I have kids and a house and a husband that I'm supposedly supposed to feed *wink* Just kidding. I think it's awesome that you're going for jobs like these!
    My back-up plan? Ummm, lol, have no clue. I'm a stay at home mom now so once my kids are all in school, if I don't have an agent or anything, then I'll probably go work in a bank again and go to school to figure out what I might like having a career in.
    But I'm really setting my heart on this writing thing. :-)

  14. Conventional wisdom says we will have to re-invent ourselves at least 3 times in our lives. I've been a teacher, counselor, bookstore owner, and now a blood courier.

    When I was a little boy there was a syndicated show about a diamond courier. That was really what I wanted to do. He flew all over the world, always knew what to say, and dressed really well. And he had this neatest metal suitcase full of gimmicks and tricks. A little boy's dream come true.

    But enough of me prattling. I heard of the Canadian earthquake. My geography is misty in detail. Are you all right?

  15. I've thought of about it a lot, especially since I'm eighteen years old and going off to college. I guess if writing doesn't work out, I'm going to either take up Criminology or Psychology. I can imagine myself a therapist, I guess.

    Anyway, live the dream, Melissa and write on!

  16. I've done everything already so this is the last stop on the block for me. But a music supervisor sounds pretty cool. ;)


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