Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Obligations?

Final projects are finished. Exams (for better or worse) are over. I’m done school – for a week and a half anyway. Maybe I’ll even get in a bit of decent sleep (a girl can dream, can’t she?).

I’m exploding with anticipation and anxiety because I’m finally going to get a chance to write. You see, I’ve made no significant progress on my MS since, well, I can’t even tell you it was so long ago. If you knew, you’d accuse me of neglect and the Book Union would revolt and probably take my MS away from me; they’d give it to someone who deserved it. And then I’d cry.

I digress.

I’ve blocked off 8 days: refused all offers to “chill,” ignored desperate pleas from the Best Friend, informed my mother of my impending retreat to The Cave (aka as my room), and am shutting off my phone entirely.

You can see what’s coming can’t you?

My internet is being cut as well.

I won’t apologize because this is something I need to do for me. For my characters. For my emotional stability. For my sanity. It needs to happen. And if I allow myself any procrastination outlets I won’t get anything done because the anxiety I mentioned will create a vortex of self-doubt and I’ll spiral out of control only to burst like a supernova.

Not really, but you get it, right?

My return to all social and educational obligations is tentatively scheduled for July 5. However, that is when school starts up again so I may not be around...

Who am I kidding?

I’ll probably be dying to read your blogs and tell everyone of my amazing progress (crosses fingers).
I can go to school all day and retreat into the world of the inter-web all night. Oh the perks of being an insomniac are endless.

What sacrifices have you made for your writing lately?


  1. Oh - good luck with everything. i hope you get on a writing blitz!


    ps. I've taken a break from writing for now - until my husband gets back (he is gone for 5 weeks) mainly as i know I can get a little obsessive about it and neglect my real life. I'll be looking forward to getting back into it when he returns. Anyway, been reading instead :) ... and doing the occasional bit of housework ;)

  2. woo hoo you go girl!!! I look forward to hearing all about it!

  3. Congratulations on finishing! I know how excited you are and I'm very proud of you for getting rid of all your "distractions" for a while... and trust me, I know how hard that can be.

    We'll miss you! But I hope you have lots of progress to report back to us when you return :)

  4. Good luck with your time off! I hope you get a lot done. It's a great idea to take a break and focus on your WIP!

  5. Yay! You're going back to work on your MS :D Awe, bummer I'll miss you but understand the total need to dive back in and just write. I will be doing the same I hope (on Glass) SCARY! Good luck, I know you'll do fantastic. I'm running on busy mode today and I will try to get you emailed back before you shut down till the 5th. I'll know if I don't hear back from you you're doing awesome things. I'm so proud of you for doing what's best for you right now. Rock it out!

  6. You will be missed but I totally understand. You have to do whatever works for you to get your work done.

    Good Luck! I know you will write something fabulous while locked away in you cave!

  7. Totally understand!! Enjoy your time in the cave and don't forget to wear sunglasses when you come out. :)

  8. Even though I will die without seeing you for that long I am very happy you are doing this. You deserve it after all your hard work in school. Tell your characters hi from me hahha. I can't wait to hear about the week after it's over. Yippeee! I love you!! Xoxoxo

  9. Good for you for concentrating on your blog! Hooray! And if you do want a little distraction, come on over and pick out an award on my blog! Although I don't know if you need have a ton already!

  10. I do the same thing - isolate and create! Enjoy (and make the best of) your solitude.

  11. Wow, I can't live without internet too...I'd totally freak out.
    What sacrifices Ive done? Well, maybe an overload on info regarding the writting biz, not to mention learning techniques, reading ect etc =)

  12. You do what you have to do to get that novel done. I'll miss you, Roland

  13. Oh my gosh, good for you--we totally need to follow suit! I have pretty much stopped watching all TV for writing. Lisa, on the other hand, watches pretty much every show created. I have no idea how she does it.

  14. Yay for you! That is a totally awesome idea.
    Have fun!!
    The idea of 8 uninterrupted days to write is heavenly.
    Enjoy every second.

    Having a toddler and husband to look after makes writing time a little scarce, but like you I need to make it for my own sanity to stay in tact.
    I always aim for at least 2 - 4 sessions a week. Sometimes these session are a few hours, other times it's just an hour. You take what you can get, right?

    Looking forward to hearing all about it when you come back on line :)

  15. I'm in drive-by mode, here... :)
    So, just a quick "You have an award on my blog"!

    Sorry I couldn't stay longer. :(

  16. Oh, btw, I bestowed an award upon you on my blog!

  17. Good luck! I think to achieve anything in life you have to be prepared for certain sacrifices. As for me - gosh, where to start? Money, a few jobs, time, holidays, socialising... and those are the easy things! But the journey is all good. Stay strong!


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