Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursdays Tomfoolery #3

Halloween is in the air! (well, technically it isn't in the air but since it's everywhere I look, I imagine there's little flakes of Halloween floating about in the air too.)

So, in honor of Halloween today's tomfoolery has two parts!

Part 1:

Most memorable Halloween moment?

The last year I went Trick or Treating (I was thirteen) three friends and I walked around the neighborhood ringing sing Christmas carols. We did this for five hours. The look on people's faces were hilarious. I think we really messed with them, we were full of tricks and got rewarded for it- or maybe they just heard my caterwauling and threw candy at us in hopes I'd Shut Up!

Part 2:

Trick or Treat?

I'm going to give you two statements, one is a treat (because you get to know more about me!) and the other is a trick (blatant lie!) you have to guess which is which and I'll reveal the answer on Friday.

T(1): I'm obviously good enough to eat because I've been stabbed with both a fork and a knife.

T(2): I can't tell the difference between wood and flesh because I almost chopped my finger off with an Axe (had to go to the hospital and everything!).

Your turn! First, make your guesses, share your most memorable Halloween moment and if you are so inclined, share your own Trick/Treat statements in the comments below and I'll email you back with my guesses!


  1. My guess is the first one. And most memorable moment was going to a major Halloween party and watching my drunk cousin do the funky chicken. (Guess you had to be there.)

  2. haha. i love the idea of you guys singing christmas carols. that's brilliant!


    we dont' do halloween here in Australia...

  3. i'm guessing the first one is the true one1 :)

  4. I love the carols story!!!! and I guess #2!

  5. omg--I'm going to guess cutting the finger off b/c that is just too awful to make up! :D

    see my blog today for my top three silliest Halloween memories. That wasn't meant to be a plug, but ... well, there it is. LOL!!! :D <3

    love the caroling--Happy Halloween!

  6. Hmm, I guess the first one. And I definitely want to go caroling on Halloween now! Such a clever idea :)

  7. I'm guessing #2 is not true :)

    Since my daughter's been born I've dressed up our whole family in group Halloween costumes. It's really fun to plan and make the costumes. So, I'd have to say, every Halloween with my daughter has been my best :)

  8. I'm guessing 2 is not true.

    This is really fun! I might have to steal for an upcoming contest!

  9. Number 1 true.

    One year, when I was well beyond the age of trick or treating, my friends and I just got to a house party. Instead of going in right away, we decided to go trick or treating. We didn't have costumes, so we decided to piggy back each other and call ourselves a totem pole.

    It didn't quite pan out the way we had originally planned and were forced to go into the party sans candy. But it was certainly a fun 20 minutes trying to become the totem pole and a memory I still laugh at. Ah the joys of youth!

  10. I'm gonna guess number two because its more shocking. We'll see...

  11. I'm guessing that 1) is the true one. It's kind of a toss up . . . :D

  12. I'm guessing 1 is true. My most memorable Halloween is two yars ago. I got way too drunk and don't remember anything past 10:30pm. Haha! But, my costume was kick-ass!

  13. LOL on the caroling. You silly kid you. ;)

    I vote for #1 being your truth!

  14. I would answer buut I feel like it would be unfair to reveal the answer early.. cause I know all!

  15. #1 is true...I think

    I don't have any halloween memories because it's not as big in Australia -- I've never dressed up for halloween or gone to a halloween party!

  16. Hi, greetings from the rainforest -from one mad man to another (you did mean 'man' in its universal term in your profile didn't you?)

    Stumbled here from Jenny's tea stains - good thing I did too, so I can hang around this interseting place of yours for a while...

    My guess is No. 1, I think you are quite capable of doing that... Sorry no personal halloween experience, eventhough the children do

  17. Hm... I'm guessing T(1) is true.
    (I seriously hope T(2) is not true!)


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