Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursdays Tomfoolery

I ended up looking to Mom to help me pick the new title of Thursdays because there was several that I really liked. Thank you everyone who offered suggestions! Mom and I agreed on Thursday's Tomfoolery (with another commenter Lisa seconding the title) so congratulations Melanie!

Melanie, please enjoy your immortality (you will now never age and never die unlike the stars! Tell us how great it is, all right?).

On to today's tomfoolery. (I need to use this word more often, it feels good under my fingers!)

Today is all about sharing the weirdest, silliest, oddest or worst assumptions we've ever made.

I'll call it the Assumption, Gumption game because it sounds cool.

I'll use an anecdote to explain my silliest (absolutely no foundation at all) assumption:

All my life, I avoided anything with artichokes. No matter how many times my friends told me eat it, I refused. Adamantly (and, many times quite meanly).

In grade eleven, my friend L, annoyed with my adamant refusal when I'd never tried spinach and artichoke dip told me she'd buy me my dinner at a nicer restaurant if I would eat a quarter of the appetizer. I weighed my options and decided to swallow past the rising bile in my throat and agree.

Tentatively I dipped a salted chip into the steaming dip then threw it into my mouth. My brow furrowed in contemplation, "This doesn't taste like fish at all."

"Fish? Why would it taste like fish?"

I stared at L wondering just how stupid she was, "Artichokes are fish."

She laughed in my face. (It's a good thing I don't get embarrassed easily. Just saying) "It's a vegetable. Who told you it was a fish?)

No one. I have no idea why I thought it was a fish. I knew anchovies weren't artichokes but somewhere in my mind, one day, I simply decided it was fish too - for no reason.

I wasted so much time! Artichoke is great in dips.

As a human race our strangest assumptions?

The world is flat.

The sun orbits around the earth.

Artichokes are fish. (Okay, that's just me......)

So what are some of your assumptions?

Let the Assumption, Gumption begin!


  1. Mushrooms. Like slugs going down the back of my throat. That was thanks to a soup I had as a small child. I had been avoiding them completely but found a recipe that included them in the gravy (vegan, believe it or not). I sliced them razor thin. THEY WERE DELICIOUS! Oh my, what I have been missing with cremini mushrooms. Not sure what was up with THAT soup years ago but I use mushrooms a lot now (especially creminis) to flavor my soups. Still not a fan of them cold in a salad, though.

    I heart tomfoolery!

  2. That's the cutest assumption I ever heard!
    Okay, this one is super geeky, but anyway. I always thought the word "bug" referred to a slang way of talking about any kind of creepy crawly, like spiders or beetles or whatever.
    Turns it out it is an official scientific order of insects.
    My biology-loving son taught me that one. Now if someone says, "Look at that bug" in our house, he tells us if we're technically correct or not!

  3. I came here for the At First Sight Blogfest but didn't see your entry. I do love your assumption post. How funny that you thought artichokes were fish. I've always assumed I would hate sushi because I hate fish but I love lobster/crabs/shrimp and the like. Turns out there are actually some sushi that I do like. Go figure. Nice to meet you and I'm a new follower! :D

  4. okay, nothing specific jumping to mind, but I'm always assuming I'm going to like/dislike something based on how it looks... like judging books by their covers. Total mistake. I know this...

    Aritchokes = fish. Too funny! I'm surprised you got away w/thinking that for so long! :o)

  5. My assumptions had to do with people, not food.
    You see, I thought that when people grew up, they would automatically learn how to behave properly/treat people right. Was I ever surprised that 'grownups' can be just as rude and mean as kids on the playground! I know, a silly assumption. I guess I was waayyy too sensitive as a kid.

  6. when I was little I asked my mom if everything was black and white in her day. enough said.

  7. Oh my goodness! I was a little too excited to have been bestowed the honor of being immortalized.

    So, first I would like to thank the Thesaurus for providing me with the word "Tomfoolery", which is a much under-used word, I'm sure you’ll agree.

    Next, I would like to thank the academy for picking -

    Oh, too much? Sorry about that...

    Your artichoke assumption really was too cute! Quite the Jessica Simpson moment you had there.

    Anyway, I have too many assumptions to name. All bad of course because you know what they say about making assumption…

  8. when I was small, I thought elemenopee was one letter...

    ;-) Glad it isn't though, otherwise my writing would have been a bit more tricky.

  9. Love the pick, tomfoolery! Perfect title....

  10. Hilarious! I have a reaction to sugar . . . when I eat too much I can't breath. But I assumed this was completely normal and that EVERYONE couldn't breathe if they ate too much sugar, so I never mentioned it to anyone (why, right? Everyone has the same reaction).

    The first time it happened after I got married, I scared my husband half to death. And then he almost died of laughing when I told him, "Oh it's just that reaction when you eat too much sugar. You know?"

  11. Love tomfoolery...

    When I was a kid, I believed that I would reach a magical age, 21, 30, I didn't know, when I would suddenly be grown up. Turns out, I'm still just a kid in an old body.

    I guess it is the Peter Pan syndrome, but since I'm a woman it must be Tinkerbell...where did I put that faerie dust?


    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  12. Omigosh! You are sooo funny! I love it! Okay, when I was little I went around saying, "when I grow up, I want to be a cashier." Everytime I would go with my mom into a store, I would tell the clerks, "i'm going to be just like you someday." Finally, one day my mom asked why I wanted to be a cashier so badly when I grew up. My response? "Have you seen all that money they get to keep in the registers? They must be billionaires!"

  13. I love it! Tomfoolery! It's perfect :)

    Your assumption was so cute!

    Melissa... I have SO many.. like more than I can count, yet I can't think of a SINGLE one right now. Why does this always happen to me?

    I'll have to get back to you! But I love the new feature :)

  14. Melissa, that is the most hilarious story! I love it!!! For the longest time I thought a truffle was chocolate. To me, truffle just sounds like chocolate - but no, it's a fungal fruiting thingy, like a mushroom. Ah, well. =D

  15. That is absolutely adorable! And I love tomfoolery- great word!

  16. Problem with artichokes? Can't blame you. Anything that associates food with choke, can't be good.

  17. I love your story about artichokes. Love it. But it's true we often make assumptions.

  18. Never assume that behind every drawn curtain is a wall or window to lean against. I learned that the hard way!

  19. Hahaa! That is TOO funny! Off the bat, I can't think of an assumption but I know I've made them.
    btw, I read a science article and some scientists are questioning whether we revolve around the sun. I guess because of Black Matter (or something) it may be that the sun really revolves around us.
    Talk about freaky!

    Have a great weeken. :-)

  20. That story is fantastic! And I love the parenthetical info that you don't get embarrassed easily!

  21. Great title and *snort* great story!
    Thinking...and I've got nuthin' (for now).

  22. I agree with Lydia Kang, "cutest asumption " ever. Hee hee. I have many...but not because I decide to assume something...mostly because I am hearing impaired and just miss a lot of information, or get incorrect information in the "trying to hear" process. LOL. Lovely all the same! Thanks for swinging by my blog and commenting!

  23. Okay so I clearly missed out on some awesome posts so I'll have to back track after commenting but how creative!!! I love!!

    I don't eat boudin because the filling freaks me out... it looks like it would taste rubbery and disgusting falling down my throat... no thank you. Not to mention it looks gross.

  24. Love this idea of Tomfoolery. I also love how you described the way it felt under your fingers. (Awesome description). I'm becoming a follower.

    Anyway, when I was little, I thought I could climb into the television and go to the places where the people were. Imagine my disappointment when I found out that you can't just step into Sesame Street. :-)

  25. That is a strange assumption!

    Hmm... I have to say my assumption when I was young that I didn't like pizza. It just looked too messy!

  26. I assumed Harry Potter was stupid because it was the newest craze. (Changed my life one I had read it)

    And when it comes to food, I try everything at least once, just to see. Still have not developed a taste for anything with fish.

  27. I'm trying to think of something silly from my own past but I'm still laughing too hard from "artichokes are fish."

    Okay, I thought of a great assumption my stepdaughter made. She lives in a small town in central Washington that no one's ever heard of. So for a while, she'd tell people that Moses Lake was right beneath the "G" in Washington. (on some maps, maybe!)

  28. Great story! My first fight with my husband, then boyfriend, was a bad assumption. I ordered him a special Valentine's cake and waited for him at the Student Union. He didn't show up. I was devistated. I asked the ladies who ran the Union to toss the cake or eat it...They knew I was crushed/furious. It turned out he was in the lab studying and when he got to the Union the ladies gave him a seriously hard time about treating me that way. (Ummm, we didn't really have a set date...we just always met there to watch All My Children between classes...) I've never lived that one down. He reminds me what the first three letters of assumption are...

  29. Tomfoolery is a wonderful word! Great choice!

    I think I've made so many assumptions in my life that I'm surprised the first three letters aren't stuck on my forehead . . .but I'm glad they're not.

    However, like one of your other commentators who thought that not being able to breathe after eating sugar . . . well, I thought everyone who ate corn got sores in their mouths because I did, and once when I was little my dad said that corn got stuck in his teeth and I thought he meant that he got sores like me.
    Turns out, I'm allergic/intolerant to corn in any form . . . duh.

  30. Oh, and hopefully it's ok, but I give out this "Blessed Blog Award" to bloggers who've blessed me with humor, inspiration, and great writing tips, and I'm giving you the award this week.
    Thanks for inspiring me to write with honesty, humor, and thoughtfulness!

  31. Love this!

    I'm still working on challenging my mushroom assumption, but haven't gotten up the guts to try the big, dun colored, non mushy mushrooms. I had to choke down the dark, squishy ones as a child and hated them.

  32. bwahaha. Reminds me of Jessica Simpson and the whole 'I don't eat buffolo' when someone offered her buffolo wings. lol. I can't recall any false assumptions off the top of my head (thought I know I've def made them) Thanks for the laugh!

  33. I though the same thing as Elana before I read Harry Potter. But oddly, millions of people weren't wrong!

    Yours was funny... it's a good thing you found out because artichokes are delicious :) Artichoke dip is one of my favorites.

    Oh, and I'm glad I could pigback off Melanie's genius :)

  34. Wow that was pretty great! Hum....I dont know if something similar happened to me, but I think its hard to top that off, it was hilarious!


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