Monday, October 4, 2010


Last Thursday we played the If game. I read and reread all your comments and laughed and smiled and it was such a success I've decided to make Thursday's a regular feature on my blog. It'll be a day for random games (whatever I come up with) and all around silliness. Because it's fun. And who can't do with a little more fun in their life?

So, after I decided this:

I bounce ideas off what to name my Thursday of epic gaiety with my friend Ramona.

I ask, "Too fun Thursday?"

She shakes her head.

So I try, "Too loose Thursday?" Another no, "No but don't you get it? Everyone will loosen up and stuff."

Still, no. Actually, I'm pretty sure the no solidified.

"Two bit Thursday?"

"Stop with the Too's." She says.

A little desperately, I say, "Two pence Thursday?"

Ramona, tired of my lame offers (I'm not being very original for a supposedly creative person,  I know. I blame it on school. University steals my soul!) comes up with, "Tyrannosaurus Rex Thursday."

I stare at her for a moment, then laughing add a slogan, "We'll bite your head off."

As we're lost to giggling fits like every other mature adult she offers, "Tranny Thursday!"

I exclaim, "We've got it all!"

Obviously, all pretense went out the window and our immaturity got the better of us as we laughed until my eyes watered and Ramona couldn't breathe.

But obviously, all ours suck. So, yet again, I find myself looking to you. Come up with a name for my Thursday games and all around silliness in the comments and I will pick my favorite and it will be immortalized forever! And if paranormal trends are anything to go by, immortality is in.

Thanks in advance. Also, I encourage you to read each others comments because you are all brilliant!


  1. Thursday Toss-Up ... I don't know. Haha. I'll get back to you if I think of anything.

  2. Roulette...Game Day...Fifth Day Follies..

    I will be up to someone more creative than I.

  3. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie... oops sorry that title is already taken. *sigh* I got nothing... How about If you give Melissa a Thursday--I suck at this!

  4. Sorry, I got nothing. Sounds like a fun concept though.

  5. Thursday Thrills?
    Thirsty Thursday... wait no- that's sonic...
    ummm... i suck at this kinda thing...
    i personally vote for The Day of the Tranny T-Rex.
    you are so fun!
    and lol immortality is in!!! :)

  6. Hmm... I like alliteration. My suggestions are "Tee-hee-hee Thursdays" or "Tomfoolery Thursdays" (thank you Thesaurus for that word!)

  7. TRANNY THRURSDAYS! Its gonna be big I tell you. heh heh. other suggestions (cause im so briliant)-

    throw it up thursdays
    Try to laugh thursdays
    Tempting thursdays
    Take my clothes off thursdays (haha)

    I know I know, they are all so brilliant how will you chose, hahha!

  8. Thursday thumbs . . .
    Thursday treats
    Thursday Turkeys
    Thursday Turkish Delights
    Thursday Thickens
    Trick or Treat Thursdays

    umm, I don't think I'm good at the name game either.

  9. Here is a few, take'em or leave'em.

    Thursdays Edition

    Thursday Delight

    All Access Thursday

    The Day Before Friday


  10. Trendy Thursdays? That leaves it a bit could cover anything from the latest YA trends, writing for the trends, fashion trends, etc.

    Thursday Teasers? You could give us writing teases...Or even post teaser/trailers for upcoming films or books!

  11. I'm without titles :(

    But I bring you an award! :)

    I'm not sure if you've gotten it already from another blogging friend, but if not, come over to my blog to retrieve it.

    (P.S. I loved starting with If last week, that was fun. Maybe Iffy Thursdays.)

  12. I like Thursday Tomfoolery, which someone else mentioned before.

    Other than that I've got nothing :)

  13. How about Thirsty Thursdays? Everyone can bring a bottle of wine. Guaranteed fun for all!

  14. You guys are too funny!

    How about Thrilling Thursdays? Got nothing other that...

    good luck, Melissa!

  15. Ahh.. I don't knowwww... I really struggled to come up with something for my Thursdays too!

    You guys have some very funny ones!

  16. Thankful Thursdays
    Just found your blog!


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