Thursday, November 18, 2010

House elves do more than just clean

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Dobby the house elf's mental list to protect a Mister Harry Potter sir from a GREAT EVIL at Hogwarts this year!

1. Forge letters from Harry Potter's friends telling him he shouldn't go back because he isn't Hogwarts material. Learn to write first!

2. Steal Harry Potter's letters from his friends so he feels alone and unloved and wants to stay home. Destroy confidence!

3. Steal all of Harry Potter's socks. No one goes anywhere without their socks!

4. Block the entrance to platform 9 3/4 so Harry Potter  thinks the school hates him so much it doesn't want him back.

5. Curse a bludger to attack Harry Potter. With broken bones he'll be unable to defend himself, get scared and leave.

6. Iron hands. Bang head against wall. Punish self for thinking of protecting Harry Potter. (Maybe he feel sorry for Dobby and go home?)

7. Break Harry Potter's wand so its like Mr. Wheezy's and backfires. Puking slugs and other nasty things will happen. Harry Potter will think he's loosing his magic.

8. Iron Harry Potter's head so he sleeps for a long time and Dobby can take him back to the Dursleys.

9. Frame Harry Potter for a serious crime of Master's. Harry Potter will be sent to Azkaban and the Dementors will protect him there!


Oh, Dobby, you meant well I'm sure.

Ever done anything crazy to protect someone? What else would you add to this list?

PS. Farewell to Dobby on the soundtrack makes me want to cry!  Alexandre Desplat has managed to capture death in a song. So powerful.


  1. I really wish I could participate in all your posts this week, because they sound fun. Unfortunately, I've never been a fan of the Potter so I have no idea what's going on in the blogosphere this week. I did see the one movie with Robert Pattinson in it though.

    I love Alexandre Desplat, he's a musical score genius IMO!!

  2. Never done anything crazy to protect anyone. I've done the whole white lie thing to spare someone's feelings, but I've never gotten someone injured to protect them from something worse or anything like that.

    In fact, most of the time I see it done it books it ends up blowing up in the person's face. I think it's better to just be honest and upfront.

  3. Well, I mean, there was that one time where I ironed someone's head...hehe. Nope, I can't think of anything crazy I've done to protect someone. Beyond pulling a guy out of a party because he was supposed to be dating my best friend instead of flirting with other girls there. He wasn't a keeper.

  4. Okqy I SO have to get the soundtrack already!

    *pats Dobby's head*

  5. Hmm, Dobby might turn the room of requirement into a cozy nest for Harry that he'd never want to leave. He'd probably need to trap Ginny in there too to make it work!

  6. Dobby was seriously the cutest... I loved it!!! This post was awesome, he always meant well though if I was Harry I would have wanted to smack him (no. I do not promote violence).

    PS I just saw your NaNoWriMo finish word count, I know we've already celebrated, but I wanted to say Congratulations once more! Well deserved win :)

  7. I'm another one of what appears to be a great minority who has not gotten into Harry Potter--but I'm enjoying learning about these great characters from the sidelines. Might be time to at least see the movie :-) And a crazy thing to save someone? Umm, I once lifted my then 3-year old daughter up out of a mess of fighting cats. That was crazy...

  8. argh, I need a house elf right about now... :D <3

    rock on w/NaNo success~

  9. Dobby is so epic. Great to-do list by him as well. I'm sure there are much weirder things he had in his head as well. Oh Dobby. :) Remember the good times.

  10. When I was a student I drove a 200 mile round journey (in my dad's car) to pick someone up from a student protest because all his friends were desperately worried about him because he had an exam the next day. Took me all day but I eventually found him. He refused to leave!

    So I didn't "save" him, but it was pretty crazy!

    I also wanted to invite you to come read the Harry Potter post on my blog :D

  11. Oh...Dobby. You loony elf, how much you loved! I can't say I have done anything crazy like that but I can't say I wouldn't for someone I cared about if I needed to...and it was a GOOD plan...

  12. Crazy list. Well-meaning for sure. ;)

    Harry potter is the best!


  13. Oooh, you've heard the soundtrack. I haven't yet. Just what I've managed to eek out from the previews :)

    I'm surper excited, though, to see the film and see how the whole Dobby thing is played out. I'll be crying along with you.

    Fun post!

  14. This was one of my favorite ones! It had a whole ton of comedy and Dolby tried really hard...

    Good post

  15. These are soooo funny! I love Dobby. He's the funniest little creepy thing :) heh heh, cant wait for tomorrows post!

  16. I love this post. I love Dobby. I always cry a little when Harry gives him Lucius Malfoy's sock.

    I can't wait to see how they handle the rescue from the Malfoy mansion!

  17. I have to agree about Dobby. The house elves were ingenious and play a large role in the plot of the books from beginning to end. I just wish they didn't take them out of the movies so much.

  18. What a wonderful post! I want to see the new movie so bad now. I'm also looking forward to hearing the soundtrack and the Dobby song. Thanks!

  19. What a fantastic list and you are so right about the Desplat song.

    Christmas Tales Blogfest

  20. Love the house elf angle. Dobby is fantastic! I must say the movies did an excellent job of portraying him.

    Fun post...


  21. Well, Melissa, me too. I'm not a HP fan *ducks head* but like my resistance to Twilight, I'll have to rectify that as I'm enjoying all these HP

  22. Dobby's pretty funny, but the movie version of him creeps me out. I was sad about him in book 7 though.

  23. I would do anything to protect a friend…

    I love the Hp books, I read them so many times, and will continue to read them over and over.

  24. Poor little guy thought he was doing the right thing :( I don't think I've every done anything as bad as those things (of course I'm not magic either)

  25. ROFL! This was awesomely funny and cute. Dobby is very, very naughty, though, isn't he? ;)

  26. Love it, thanks for the laugh! I'm being very careful not to spoil -- I'll only say that I loved Dobby's scenes in Deathly Hallows 1. I thought they really did him justice.

    The state of my house right now, I'd take Dobby in, even if I did have to get my head ironed occasionally.

  27. Love that photo! And the soundtrack? Amazing!

  28. I know I will be a bawling baby when Dobby dies. While reading the book, I totally lost it with Hedwig and Dobby was much worse....

    Now, I got to go check out the track if I can find it....

  29. LOL! I love the list.

    Dobby was trending on Twitter on Friday, so I guess a lot of people have a soft spot for the little guy :)

  30. Ah, Dobby... loved that little guy! :)


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