Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sifted through and Sorted

Make sure you check out my fellow friends bringing the magic of Hogwarts to the internet.

I'm breaking down the Hogwarts Houses for you. No allegiances and no mercies. Be prepared.


Pro: Daring to go where no man has gone before. The girls staircase for example. 

Con: Tendency to find themselves charging recklessly towards death for reasons distressingly unknown to them. 


Pro: Can do it better, faster and with less time in between. No one writes papers quite like they do.

Con: No, your significant other really doesn't want to know how they make Bertie botts beans taste like boogers.


Pro: Everyone wants to read an open book. 

Con: Being known for loyalty means in a war, their on the front lines. And Gryffindor already has the market covered on heroism. (Poor Cedric!)


Pro: With forked tongues talking their way out of any situation is easy.

Con: Ambition often leads to siding with the crazy person with the big ideas who is mentally and emotionally unhinged (not to mention soulless).

In all seriousness though, I don't think any of the houses are either inherently good or bad. I mean, Pettigrew was a Gryffindor and he betrayed his friends and was rather cowardly. And the supposedly cold-hearted Slytherin's? They have Snape who loved fiercely and showed tremendous loyalty.

No one is black and white and neither are the houses. They all have strengths and weaknesses.

All that house rivalry stuff? I'd like to point out that Colene and Renae are Gryffindors, Lisa and Laurel are Ravenclaws, Jen is a Hufflepuff and I'm a Slytherin and we all teamed together to bring you this week of awesome. (I also like all of them.) If the houses banded together like the sorting hat suggested - well, I guess it would've ruined JK Rowling's plot so I can actually understand why she didn't go there. 

If you're curious about the house you'd be in, this is the best test I've found so far: GET SORTED.              

What House are you in? Your stance on house rivalry?

PS. If you don't already know, I'm a huge music person. HUGE. Like, music is even more important to me than books (though I at least have some vague talent with writing so I can actually go  somewhere with it. Maybe). Anyway, the point is, the scores for the Harry Potter movies are always good. I didn't think it would be possible to ever top Half-Blood Prince though.... I can't believe I'm saying it but the Deathly Hallows soundtrack trumps the other soundtracks. All of them. I'm a little in shock myself. I only hope this is a reflection of how the movie is going to be! If you like movie scores, or music that is so powerful it inspires emotions without words then I highly recommend getting yourself a copy (and Half-Blood prince too). Obliviate, Lovegood, Ron's Speech, Rescuing Hermione, and Detonators are, as of tonight, my personal favorites.


  1. Loved this post Melissa! I have to agree that the score for The Deathly Hallows is brilliant! Thanks for sharing all of you pictures, I love them!

  2. This was so fun!!! I love all the pictures, all the houses with a little extra info! You Rock!!

  3. I'm probably a Hufflepuff. Not so interesting, huh?

  4. AWESOME quiz. I am indeed a Ravenclaw, as I expected. Gryffindor was a close second. Happy to be best pals with Luna though. I love the scores for HP too. Haven't listed to DH yet - I want to see the movie first. Midnight premiere here I come!

  5. Ravenclaw 4-Evah!

    It's kind of weird, I feel a big alligence to my "house," so I get that the Hogwarts students would rightly feel pride in those who were sorted with them. I think a little rivalry is natural and healthy, but, of course, as the Sorting Hat said, when you're at war, it's best to band together!

  6. This was the BOMB! Off to get sorted (I think it may be Ravenclaw)!

  7. As you know I am Gryffindor. I agree that everyone has both good and bad in them, positive and negative- what comes out is what you chose to feed. Healthy competition between houses, teams, or people is best. All world records in sports are set at competitions. We are designed to strive to be and do our best. Bitter rivalry is destructive and to be avoided at all costs.

  8. Great post! I'll need to take the test on the link you probived, but I think I would be a Slytherin.

  9. The houses are based on the four elements, so to have a complete universe, we need all the component parts, right?

    I also see the houses mapping on the four humours, though not quite in the traditional match up with elements.

    Gryffindor = red / fire / sanguine - outgoing, lively, leader-type

    Ravenclaw = blue / air / melancholy - serious and introverted

    Hufflepuff = yellow / earth / phelgmatic - easy going and comfort loving

    Slytherin = green / water / choleric - aggressive and restless

  10. I like you all too! Amazing! We bring the houses together at last!...right?
    Great post. So glad we all got together on this! Love you in your sorting hat! (I haven't heard the soundtrack yet but am DYING to. I bet it is amazing!)

  11. Haha, love these pros and cons! I think I'm a Ravenclaw, though I'd desperately love to be a Gryffindor! And yes, it would have been better if the houses banded together, but that would have ruined the whole plot :)


    Sorry I couldnt resist. haha. I like that your eyes are closed in this picture. I am excited to hear this music whooo!

  13. Yeah, I'm a Ravenclaw as usual. Practically ever quiz I take says so. It's a good thing because blue is my favorite color (and I like birds)! :)

    A little rivalry between Houses is natural, not to mention fun, and it's human nature to prioritize the group you belong to above others. When push comes to shove though, you have to realize who the real enemy is.

  14. No idea what house I'm in but bring on the rivalry. Better than the rivalry of school classes because, seriously, the freshman lose every time.

  15. Ooo... great idea! I love scores! I'll have to check it out.
    I'd be Gryffindor for sure. ;)

  16. Hi Melissa - I found my way hear after hearing good thins about you over at Alex's place!

    In every single test I have taken, and I have taken a lot believe me, I have been sorted into HUFFLEPUFF.
    (and I'm proud of it!)

    The inter-house rivalry is because
    a) that's kids for you
    b) everybody else's houses really suck
    c) you can't band together if you haven't got someone to band together against!

    I will see you at Michael's HP Blogfest next month! I might actually post one or two of my (non Christmas) HP RPG posts on my blog to mark the occasion of the new film!

    It's lovely to find a fellow enthusiast!

  17. I'm probably Hufflepuff if I had to pick one, but I'm a bit of everything. Slytherin, because I love green. Ravenclaw, because I'm a geek who did well in school. Hufflepuff bc I'm easygoing and a good friend, and Gryffindor because, well, who doesn't want to be in Gryffindor?

  18. Melissa,

    No problem. I understand that everyone has their lives to live. It's just so fun when we all visit each other and keep the HP magic going!

    Loved your favs... The interviews were hysterical!

    Enjoyed your post on the houses. It is fun to see what house we'd be placed in.


  19. Excellent descriptions of the houses! And funny. I approve of all snark.

  20. ha! that quiz! i always suspected i was a hufflepuff, now i know for sure. :)
    my youngest son got gryffindor!
    i can't wait to see what my other sons get when they come home from school. :)

  21. Ravenclaw, coincides with my INTJ personailty. :) Thanks for the quiz and the information on the house, it's really cool to see....... wait, you're in Slytherin. /sigh. Well it was good knowing you.

    J/k, love no matter what house you are.

  22. can you believe on that test I got Ravenclaw? ergh. I try not to be that annoying... :D lol! fun stuff~

  23. This was a fun post. Everytime I take a sorting hat quiz I either end up Gryffindor at top and Slytherin just a few steps behind or vice a verse. Does this mean I get to choose, because honestly, green and silver look better with my skin tone :D


  24. I got Hufflepuff when I took the test! Great post, love the descriptions of the houses.

  25. I got Hufflepuff! Thanks for the link! (to be honest I came by a couple days ago - just couldn't comment... sorry!) :)


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