Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursdays Tomfoolery #4

If a picture is worth a thousand words and I gave you two, I guess that means I lied to you two thousand times. I feel awful and guilty. 

The truth is, my room is only this neat for about a week and a half every three months. I cleaned my room early because 1. November is going to be hellish enough already and 2. I agreed to let over a hundred people see it by signing up for a blogfest. Normally my room looks like this:
Okay, so that is a lie as well. But I figured if I gave you two extremes you could come to your own conclusions and you wouldn't know how bad/good my room really is ninety percent of the time. 

Now that I have alleviated my conscious, on to today's tomfoolery. 

Today, we are playing the alliteration game. We're going to be a little strange and talk about ourselves in third person and make up a phrase (as serious or ridiculous as you please) about ourselves using only the first letter of your name. 

Me first:

Melissa's mellifluous monkeying mistakenly mapped mother's mediocre mansion.

(I just want to point out that I tried to say this out loud to Mom and tripped over the sentence several times to get it right. There's no way I could say that sentence three times fast.)

Okay friends, your turn! Please, alliterate in the comments. (Make my day!)

NaNo is going well, am almost at 15K. How are you guys doing?


  1. Angela's anal analogy aimed at alliteration always alleviates assumptions aplenty about articulate anomaly all authors adore.

  2. Elena's elegantly executed exclamations entered elevated experiences.

  3. Colene's clever conscious combed considerable crossroads concluding critical crisis-es cleanly.


  4. oh hell. I hate this... Where's Jessica???

    my maudlin monkeyshines make more masterful (m-word for people who are good at alliteration)'s mondays.

    mbrrr... :D

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. No fair, I have Q!!!

    Quinn queerly questions quandries, quickly querying questionable quacking.

    Alright, it doesn't make one bit of sense, but I did it. BTW, I gave you an award on my site a few days ago, I'm not sure if I let you know.

  7. Jennie jots juicy jargon jeering jokester journalists.

    Horrible. But everyone else was pretty impressive and, therefore, intimidating.

    What a great idea!! And your room looks like mine when I was in college. If it looked like that now, my husband would leave me. I think he's the reason I clean up after myself. ;-)

  8. Jolly Jolene Jumps jelly-beans, jacks, joyrides and jiggles...
    Okay - that sucks. I haven't had breakfast.

    Also - I keep forgetting you're in BC. I've been boating in the Canadian San Juans MANY times. I have LOTS of cousins in Vancouver and I've driven through BC more times than I can count because my other set of cousins is in Whitehorse, YT. I'm in Alaska.
    So - there's your random thought for the day.

    PS - no one believes your room is always as clean as your picture ,guilt alleviated.
    NO ONE's room is that clean all the time ;)

  9. Kenda keeps kindergarten kids knitting kangaroos' kimonos...????

    A fun diversion, thanks! Beats cleaning up messes, anyway :-)

  10. Karen kindly kissed King Kraken, knowing kisses kindled Kraken's kinkiness.

    "Release the kraken!" :)

  11. WritingNut writes weird worldly wordy wonders wormy wiggles.

    Umm.. okay.. So "W" was almost as hard as "Q"!!

    That was terrible... but hey.. I'm tired ;).. yes.. that's it.. tired :D

  12. Giddy Gail gleefully got gotten.

  13. Very interesting. I have been doing quite a few alliterations on my blog, recently.
    Fine fantastically fabulous fun-filled folks found fancy frolicking frivolously forward for freedom from fiendish fellows.
    Hey Melissa have a really nice day in beautiful British Columbia.
    Kind wishes, Gary :-)

  14. Tracy truly tries to talk totally tricky to twist Tracy's thoughts.

    Haven't been able to say it once through without stumbling. I give up.

  15. Ian's inventive illustrations invoke interesting insights in individuals.

  16. Ramona randomly runs rampant, revolting reverend raberdin. Retarded reverend runs rambling.

  17. Oh fun! ANd I love the word mellifluous ... it's a total tongue twister.

    PK plots prickly plays while presently painting plump partridges only partially.

  18. This looks like fun so here goes:

    Bouncing bobbling blogger blurbs boggled Becky's brain. Ha! I did it!



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