Monday, November 15, 2010

Potions, the unused solution

This week five awesome bloggers teamed together to fill the next five days with magic to celebrate the anticipated release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I. Yes, I am one of the awesome bloggers. (No, that isn't very humble but just look at the gals doing this with me.) Make sure to stop by and revel in the awesome with Jen, Renae, Colene and Lisa.

Harry Potter and potions class never got on very well (sixth book aside). Here are a few of the ways the Death Eaters and Voldemort (if they had been using their Slytherin cunning) could have ended the battles with little to no effort.

Amortentia: Because an utterly infatuated person is googly eyed, empty headed and thinks of little beside their own love. When your obsessed, you have little time to think of other things - like a Dark Lord set to kill you.

Beffudlement draught: Induces the effects of a severely intoxicated person. Your opponents become so reckless they run straight into your curses. 
Forgetfulness potion: A first year's potion that makes the drinker forgetful. Make your opponent forget you were opponents in the first place. See? It's first year logic too. 

Shrinking solution: Fairly straightforward - shrink your problems too.

Polyjuice Potion: Turn yourself into one of Harry Potter's friends, wait till he turns his back and say two little words with a flick of your wrist. He'd never see it coming.

 Felix Felicis: Hello? Succeed in your every endeavor? Harry Potter and the entire Order would be dead in less than an hour. 

Do you have any other ways you would have won the war sooner (from either side)? Do you have any cunning solutions to problems in your own life?


  1. ha hahaha ahahah ahahaha haha haha!
    that's awesome- AND makes you wonder how anyone could not see that snape really was one of the good guys all along!?!? :)

  2. I need polyjuice potion PRONTO! I'm going to change into Hermione, though the gig will be up immediately... unless you could have the brain power as well.

    Hmm... maybe Luna is a smarter choice for me :)

  3. LOL. Good ones! You should add your post to the blogfest at Nathan Bransfords post from last Friday.

  4. Nice ideas! You really are a Slytherin at heart, Melissa :)

    Hermione would have thought of some clever way to counteract these potions though. She probably carries the antidotes around with her in her little beaded bag :)

  5. LOL, of course you have solutions. Why wouldn't you have alternatives when you really are that awesome.
    You know me and my solutions...recently it's to hire some voodoo priest and call on a hag and/or shapeshift on your own.
    I'm a tad obsessed with the idea of becoming something else that's potentially lethal in it's other form.

  6. Great Post Melissa!

    I am totally looking forward to the next week of posts from you and the awesome others!

    Super hard questions today. Stop by my blog! BTW you WON!


  7. this is so great--I cannot wait for the movie. And it looks like you had a blast at the park~ :D

  8. Why have I never thought of these? They're GENIUS! I definitely want some of the lucky potion--best scene ever :)

  9. I think you're a totally awesome blogger. And Harry Potter rocks!

  10. Ooh, all awesome potions! I think I'd do the polyjuice only do it on Voldemort. I'd turn into Belatrix or Lucius and sneak up on 'ol Voldy. But he is so powerful he'd probably know.

    Yay for HP week!

  11. Greetings Melissa,
    First of all, I hope that you and your loved ones had a very peaceful and positive weekend.
    Thanks for sharing your very clever blog.
    I turn what appears to be negatives into positives. I have gone through a number of traumatic trial and tribulations since I made the bold move to experience life in England.
    Yet, I have become stronger and more resilient. I cast away the dark and dreary thoughts.
    The therapy of my writing and my latest posting, which was most cathartic, displays that I embrace positivity. I do hope you honour me by reading it. Thank you.
    Have a peaceful and pleasant week, Melissa.
    With respect and kindness, your way, Gary :-)

  12. I got the sense Voldy likes the immedicacy of curses over potions. But you do have some clever plans here!

    BTW, Jen generously let me join the fun you all have concocted. I'd love to get in on the linky love--I've added all of you to my site too.

  13. Thing is, it takes time to brew all those potions. Then you gotta get the person to drink it. Too complicated ... even if it would make winning a lot simpler.

    The polyjuice potion though is a great idea cause you don't have to get your enemy to drink it ... you do.

    It wouldn't work against Voldemort. He'd see through it and none of the main characters wanted to kill him anyway. They wanted to stop him, but even in the end Harry couldn't use the killing spell.

    I think Voldemort would think turning into someone else was beneath him, but ... the whole damn thing could've been over with in no time.

  14. I wish I had some solutions to the issues in my life - besides wine! :)

  15. Interesting ideas. I always thought Prior Incantatem was going to play a big part in the end. Keep the connection going so it reverses all the spells Voldemort had ever done until he's just as human as everyone else. Your ideas would be a lot easier though.

  16. And that's the hard part about writing stories where there's magic. You've almost ALWAYS written many ways out of a given situation - but which one are you going to use.

  17. Great point! I sure could use some of that Felix Felicis ... But jeez what would I save it for... a writing conference, maybe?? :)

    So excited for the movie!

  18. Hehe, love this! The thing that really got me in the last book was that whole giving the enemy an hour to surrender deal. I mean, SRSLY?

  19. Yeay! Love this post!

    Slip him some draught of living death and make that kid snooze for good! Wouldn't have been a very interesting 7 books if he was asleep though...foiled.

    Okay..Back to your choices then, much better!

  20. Awesome job Melissa!

    No need for you to be are a fabulous blogger. If only I could use some of your potions to solve some of my issues!

  21. Everyone going through magical schools should be made to take the unbreakable vow (to not do bad things)… there wouldn’t have been a war to start with.

  22. I LOVE Harry Potter and I think having a blogfest dedicated to HP is awesome.

  23. I look like such a creep! I love the look of your blog now!! I also love your spells. They are most brilliant indeed!

  24. Is there one that slows down time? I need that for NaNo right now!


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