Friday, November 5, 2010

Support systems are crucial

I was telling Ramona about my characters (if you think I can think about anything besides my book when I'm writing this much a day, you are sorely mistaken).

I was speaking and I didn't think she was getting the point so I said, "They're real people, you know."

She replies, "I know."

I squeeze her knee, "Awe, I love you."

"Yeah, I don't even think your crazy for that." (Hearing voices in my head.) "Your crazy for other things."

Best friend status? Reaffirmed.

Writers need people who accept our psychotic tendencies. I am lucky enough to have an amazing family who support me in this crazy endeavor - going so far as to offer themselves as the crash test dummies for my novel. I have friends who care - both offline and on. And I have you, the people who stop by and read my drivel.

So when your slaving over your novel, when you feel like dying cause the pressure is too much turn to your support system. They won't let you down and they may surprise you by cheering you in the most unexpected ways. (I mean, who enjoys being called crazy?)

Who do you turn to?


  1. Isn't it great to have people that don't look at you like you are crazy when you say you hear voices? My family just shakes their heads and my friend at work laughs when she sees me scribbling in my notebook.

    Between them and all the amazing bloggers I have met, that's the only way I remain sane!

  2. My wife's understanding. She doesn't always understand, but she listens.

  3. Man, I would be flat without my critique partner. She's always there to cheer when I need her, never minds if I wander off to talk about random writing things in the middle of an unrelated conversation.

  4. I can only dream of novels. I am very pleased to know a real author.

    I must learn how to write longer, I sum my stories up in two pages!

    Today I wrote about how my husband tried to kill me and it was supposed to be funny but so far, no one has laughed!

    Keep writing!

  5. Hubby makes the effort to understand and I appreciate that *hugs*

  6. Unfortunately, my folks do tend to think of me as psychiatrically challenged, and they shake their heads sympathetically.

    On the other hand, I have a few good friends who know I am, and love me anyway.

    Let’s face it, most of the world thinks you’re mad if you use your imagination.
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  7. Hi Melissa,
    As you know, I am living in England. My family is in Vancouver and are not that aware of my attempts at writing.
    My support, my inspiration, comes from the positive interaction that I get via my blog from the wonderful blogging community.
    I wish all writers, established and aspiring, much success and happiness in their verbalisation. For me, writing is a therapeutic and cathartic, positive resource.
    Melissa, here's wishing you and your loved ones, a peaceful and positive weekend.
    With respect and kindness, Gary

  8. I just flat out refuse to tell people what my books about. I honestly feel like a crazy person sharing my delusions. I blush. I swear to god. So I just stopped. Whenever someone asks me what my book's about I say 'I can't tell you'. And I tell them why I can't tell them- because I feel like a loon. Everyone thinks if I wrote three books and am still not published its because I suck. So, I'm not going to share my writing adventures with my entourage until I have some 'news'. If that day ever comes. In the meantime, my online community is enough for me and the writing itself is really all I need:)

  9. you + me = same support system. And we're so lucky, yes? I actually have a friend who'll start "casting" my books once she finishes them... LOL! it's always interesting who she chooses. :D <3

  10. Right now, I only turn to the internet. The group of friends I have are, well, not very helpful when it comes to serious things, but fun to hang around.

    I'm starting to get more involved with writers and readers blogs though. I'm sure I'll find someone offline though now that it's getting more serious.

  11. Haha, love that she tells you you're crazy for other things! Totally sounds like my best friend :)

  12. I have someone who listens ... but I actually think he just tunes me out. But in the end, i get to talk and think and that's all I really want anyway.

    On second thought, I'd like someone who actively participates. Hmmm ... I have one or two friends that do that , I just don't get to talk to them as often.

  13. I have awesome critique partners and my Mom, now 88, is a writer.
    If you have time come on by, I posted on giveaways and contest including my first ever contest.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  14. Support system is essential, I agree.

    My hubby listens and wants me to read to him at night. This actually helps the thought process move forward and the editor in me function.

    My sister reads for me, writes with me, and cheers me up when all the writing brings me into a little depression.

    My mom is great, my neighbors, my writing group. Most of all the people who understand me the best of all are the two blogging friends cheering me on every day.

    Good luck on your NaNo. I can't believe I haven't buddied you yet. I'm off to do that. Great numbers! I'm PatriciaTimms on NaNo.

  15. Nothing truer! I have friends I've known forever who I can always count on to deal with my freakouts and pull me out of giant plot holes. So it's great, and I'm loving the people I'm meeting from blogging. It's awesome!

  16. No one really gets me or my writing process… they don’t believe the characters talk and live inside of me, they don’t see how the wondrous stories flow into my brain as I write.
    Someday I hope to find that person who really gets it and gets me.

  17. Hahaha! "They're real people"! I love how all writers feel that way. I really do. Makes me happy. :)

  18. Isn't it great to have such a support system? I have been blown away how wonderful everyone is online since I've started blogging (okay, so I know there are bad apples out there, but I haven't really met any yet!). Plus, my family is really supportive too. Hubsies listens to me drone on and on about my writing too. And, great job on your writing for NaNo!

  19. Mu hubby tries to get the quirky person that I am but he doesn't really get my writing. He tries to be interested, but he's not a reader of anything except the newspaper(shiver). He must feel like he's married to an alien and I feel like I'm married to the astronaut who doesn't quite understand my language but he digs me anyway.

  20. I have a few who try hard to figure out what I'm getting all excited about, but really it's my writer friends who actually understand. My other friends try hard, bless them, but I feel like an idiot when they ask, "What's your story about?" and I start to tell them my MC is a half-elf that doesn't know he's... you know how it goes. :)

  21. I have one of the BEST crit partners in the entire world! And that is who I turn to. Or my mom. She listens to me ramble. Or she pretends to because she's scared of me and my little voices in my head.

  22. When I was new to the blogverse, I was reading the responses to someone's post and was overwhelmed at the support she got from everyone. It's what makes this 'place' so wonderful....

    I turn to you guys, my co-teacher, her son, my director, and my husband, though he doesn't read my work. He's more of a listener and his support is through clearing everything out of my way so I can write, blog, or work out my issues with my characters. Last night, he looked at magazines with me-I need to know more about the home my nano family live in-it's important to the plot....

    And your drivel is pretty entertaining, btw. Yesterday, I was joking with a co-worker and told her that since elementary school, I've felt crazy was better than normal. Normal is boring!

    Your nano stat is amazing, way to go!

  23. My hubby, my kids, my mom and dad, some friends - they are all worth turning to in the craze of life and writing, and I know about characters . . . I had to trip mine up to get her to follow my plot. . . .crazy as that sounds.

  24. What a great post (and what a lovely friend!)
    I turn to my hubby. He always assures me, and thats pretty awesome because im highly insecure =)

  25. Aww! It is so necessary to have a support system! My family has read my stuff and encouraged me since the very beginning and I don't know what I would do without them.

  26. Ohhh, you've got a great friend. I'm lucky, too, that I have a husband who's so supportive, friends and my bloggie/writer friends who are there to give me support and encouragement all the time. :)

  27. I have a great writer friend in Scotland who I've never met in real life, but we always talk on the phone when we need to let off steam. She really 'gets it'! :)

  28. My sister. She listens to me rant and rave... even if she doesn't get it, she's always completely supportive. I think I'd go crazy otherwise!

  29. I haven't mentioned the voices to too many family members. I mostly use writers for support.

    How great you have a friend who gets it.


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